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myDevIT Solutions. specializes in interactive e-Learning that keeps learners engaged and concerned. our instructional Designers and Gamification Specialists use themes, gamification, stories, and interactions to make custom training courses.
Shaping e-Learning around a topic produces an impact expertise that learners bear in mind. as an example, our e-Learning course that teaches learners regarding cash management skills was put in the context of taking a trip to examine geyser. The art assets, sound effects, and background music set the tone of a West journey, creating the coaching material additional interesting and amusing for the learners.
Gamified e-Learning adds fun and spirited parts to coaching. myDevIT Solutions is a leader in Gamified e-Learning, which can include options like badges, sound effects, and eye-catching meters. Gamification can even involve wrapping learning content in fictional scenarios. for instance, to show mechanics a way to gather the correct tools for employment, they may play the role of a deep ocean diver longing for sunken treasure. The fantasy could also be unrelated, however it permits learners to flee their routine and utilize their imaginations while learning job-related skills.
Weaving repeatable stories throughout the course as in a different way to develop compelling coaching. we discover this significantly useful for serious or sensitive material that’s not contributive to impulsive themes or gamification. Learners connect with characters in the course and might recall the events and ideas within the coaching, long when finishing the e-Learning.
Learner interaction could be a important part to e-Learning. we tend to rework common web-based coaching parts, like multiple alternative queries and drag and drop exercises, into important situations and relevant activities. This in fact facilitates engagement because the learner takes a lively role in their coaching. But, the method of analyzing and applying data conjointly will increase learners’ understanding and retention.

Instructional style

Not only are we the gamification consultants, we’ve a stellar instructional design team. They perform a radical training needs Analysis to spot the suitable learning objectives, project goals, and target audience in the 1st part of the project, the Discover part. Then, they produce careful learning plans and storyboards to confirm your coaching delivers all of your content while not overwhelming the learner. correct planning and design are the primary steps in an impressive project!


WordPress may be a widespread PHP-based open source Content Management platform that is often used for community-driven websites.Projects created with WordPress tend to be versatile, reparable and protrusible. we have a tendency to advocate WordPress as a result of it offers thousands of plugin for nearly any sort of digital presence, with attention on personalization, community building and social tools. It’s merely superb.

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